VoIP Phones and Services

Ready to Replace your Phone System or need a new Phone System?

HILTECH Data Solutions has years of experience helping businesses with their telecommunications needs. We offer several solutions to fit your business needs.

HILTECH not only provides great VoIP Phone System products like Grandstream and Yealink, we also provide the VoIP Phone Service. Whether you need 2 lines or Several Hundred lines we can provide you with all of your telecommunication needs.

*Phone Service starting at $24.95...

HILTECH Data Solutions provides the lowest priced business class VoIP phone service in the market. Need VoIP for an existing phone system? No problem, we can provide service to your business and port the numbers from your old service to our service at no cost.

Need a dedicated, secure Fax Line?

HILTECH Data Solutions can provide your business with Secure Fax Service using ATA and Web Based Devices. Contact HILTECH Data Solutions for more information today!

* - Per Phone Channel, Does not include federal, states and county taxes. 911 services are optional.