IT Management Services

Why should YOUR business have HILTECH "IT Management Services"?

When your business suffers from a System Failure, Data Loss, or Ransomware Attack it may IMPACT your companies reputation and pose a substancial financial risk.

Why wait for a System Failure or a Ransomware Attack to happen!

HILTECH provides Business Continuity Services along System and Application monitoring to be proactive at managing your IT infrastructure, and keeping you a step ahead of potential pitfalls and costly attacks.

With HILTECH IT Managed Services, you can rest assured that:

US Based Technical Support from Experienced System Engineers.


Servers, Desktops, and Laptops are patched with the latest tested patches weekly.


HILTECH supports updating most 3rd party software to latest tested patches weekly.


Anti-Virus Monitoring with up to date definitions in real-time.


Systems and Networks are closely monitored for any and all types of threats.


Vendor Procurement and Management for all IT related products.


Checking Backups for integrity to make sure they comply with Business Continuity.


Optional: An Engineer will meet with you on site every month to go over your Infrastucture and any concerns. Visits can be more frequent if nessessary.


Eligible for special hourly rate service outside the scope of the HILTECH Managed Services contract.

Is your business prepared for Disaster? HILTECH works with you to assure you that your business will be able to recover from Disaster when you turn to us for IT Management.

Managed IT Service Matrix

Security & Anti-Virus

Remote System, Network Monitoring & Management

Weekly Updates, Patching, Preventative Maintenance

US Based Helpdesk Tech Support

Vendor Procurement and Management

Mobile Device Management

Continuity Backup

Optional Monthly Onsite Visits

Cloud Management

Your IT environment can be complex, HILTECH customizes the right, proactive "IT Management Plan" for your business!

HILTECH IT Management Services is based on a monthly or yearly subscription customized around your business needs.

HILTECH provides a Security Suite of Protection Tools for your entire IT infrastucture.

Customers with a HILTECH IT Management Service contract are eligible for a special rate from the normal hourly rate in regards to special IT projects outside the scope of HILTECH Managed Services.

Food for Thought...

Determining proactive vs. reactive, is the cost of HILTECH IT Managed Services worth a monthly subscription cost vs. reputation, data loss and/or financial risk?

Would you rather focus on your business, insted of having to focus on your IT infrastructure?

Would you prefer to rely on a company with System Engineer's that has over 25 years of experience to manage your everyday business IT infrastructure, to prevent unnecessary costly downtime and providing you peace of mind?

If you answered "Yes" to all these questions, there is no question about cost.
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